Bebe Taian: Old Memories

February 29, 2012

Old Memories

Not really, actually.

I don't tend to retain memories very well. Tomorrow I might have to look at my schedule to see what I did today. Yay for brain injuries. I guess there's an upside: whatever happens will have to be pretty traumatic to really stay with me... for the rest, there's journals, right?

But I found this one lying around on the hard drive. It's about two years old, I think, from before I chopped my hair short for the Matter of Trust boom project (post-Gulf oil spill). My hair was so, so long then. I was still unpacking boxes from moving in... from what, six months to a year before? I took it slowly. I guess it had something to do with trepidation. I've never stayed in one place for long enough to bother unpacking much.

But I had a desk to work on, and jewellery to make, back when I did that sort of thing. Before it became everybody's thing, I had an Etsy store that I opened in... 2005? 2006? Something like that. Jewellery, of course. Gothy stuff, pagan-y stuff, or just wire-wrapped fantasy stuff like woven leaves from beads and metal wrapped into bronze wreaths accented with gold. I mean, tiny leaves, sometimes studded with glass seed beads. I loved the work, but so much time invested, and so little return. And yet, I kept pushing to make things right up until last year...

And of course, kimono was the most comfortable thing to wear. Silk feels amazing on a bad day. Migraine? Nerve pain? Wrap up in silk. You'll hurt slightly less. And you'll look fabulous, no matter what. <3

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  1. seconded, kimono the everlasting pain killers and day brighteners ^^