Bebe Taian: Over 9000!

February 27, 2012

Over 9000!

Today I hit 9001 page views! <3 Ookini arigatousan dosu!

I see that I've also been mentioned in the comments on an article about Lime Crime Cosmetics. I've heard some interesting things about them, and most of them aren't good. They rank up there with Orglamix and Glittersniffer. Oy. But the comment at least was friendly!

I'm also wondering why I'm being referenced to by what appears to be a Russian meme website. ??? I don't get the joke. ::FOREVER ALONE::

But thank you, everyone!

As well, I consider my Ebay clearancing to be a huge success. I undersold everything for what I paid for it, but I needed it out of the apartment so that I can make room for  my private collection. I unpacked and refolded everything on Friday before work, and I need two drawers for my obi alone! I currently have my juban and yukata hanging up because there is no room for them. O.o My wedding dress is also on a hanger! I'll have to take photos with the obi sometime. <3

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