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February 20, 2012

Private Collection: Taisho Roman

I bought this Taisho silk komon so long ago, I don't even remember who I got it from. (Maybe also from Shinei/Ryu?) It's modern in the use of bold stripes and patterns, but overall, I'd think it was Roman(tic) in the use of traditional patterns on the super-soft woven silk, flowers, and colour choices. I've worn it a few times before with one or two obi, but... nothing ever felt quite 'right' in the combination. I think at one point I wore my red nagoya obi with it, but it just wasn't fitting the feeling of the kimono, despite the matching colours. I have a black silk Taisho haori with shippou patterns that I tend to wear over it, as well.

But then, I got a surprise.

The asa no ha obi I talked about earlier arrived on Saturday. I only just got the chance to open it up and air it out. The smell of mothballs can be powerful, but it's a common scent in Japan where clothing is in real danger of damage from invading insects. I unfolded the obi to hang it up and... it's double-sided! A chuya obi!

The obi was listed as a girl's shibori obi, but I could tell from the photo that the fabric was printed, and not even in shibori style. By the measurements, I also guessed that it is a woman's obi (gyaru/onna) which could be translated to 'girl'/'female', but that normally, this sellers' use of 'girl' means a child (onna no ko). Probably, I could wear it. The photos available show a flat-black obi backing of black silk that looked somewhat faded or thin. The actuality of the fabric is that it is not stained, only that it looks like a faded black overdyed in red to give it an odd shiny black-burgundy look. That, and the silk is not plain shushu all the way through... it's woven! <3

About five feet of the obi is woven in karabana, tachibana, and shippou patterns! What an exciting find! I was already wanting to pair the asa no ha side with my Taisho kimono, as well as adding a black velvet collar to it for style, but this! This is just too perfect. The black front with the patterned side exposed over black collars with red accessories like a shibori obiage and red obijime, with the asa no ha side showing for the otaiko... the concept is just too awesome!
(Sorry about the lighting, but this shows the most accurate versions of the colour...)

Now, to find someplace to wear it...

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  1. Both pieces are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the komon with the kotsuzumi drumheads on it.