Bebe Taian: Haru Matsuri @ USF!

March 20, 2012

Haru Matsuri @ USF!

I've been busy lately! Between errands and family-related stuff, work at Ichibans', running the pagan supply store, and household stuff, I've been trying to prepare for Haru Matsuri, which once seemed so far off... now it's coming up in just two days on Friday.

I have a dozen koshi himo to make before then. I've been working on them in stages: one day, buying fabric. Then, a day ironing and steaming and measuring the strips. The next day, cutting them all. Then pinning them all so that they're straight. Now, I have to get out my machine and sew them all. It isn't all that hard, but since I'm working with tiny spaces (like, a card table for five yards of fabric a yard wide...) and such, it becomes harder to do these things. I'm seriously thinking of buying a quilting machine that will make strips like this for me! The machine is so very expensive, though. I'd have to really make the money back on koshi himo if I bought one...

Today, my husband dyed my hair. It looks so much better and healthier when it's dark! And it'll give me a few days before I go to the festival to get the excess dyes out, so I don't have to worry about my kimono so much. Even so, I plan on wearing something dark!

I also have to inventory my kimono before then. Then, prepare for the show itself... after the show is done on Friday, I guess I'll get back to packing and inventory for the pagan supply store!

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