Bebe Taian: Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 3

March 2, 2012

Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 3

Previously, "Your dearest kimono item(s)."

3. My most used kimono items (not including juban, datejime, erishin, etc.)

Strangely, I got this piece originally because I wanted something bold and fantastic for display, preferably with Taisho-length sleeves. I wasn't very into orange, but I think I figured I would sell it later if I ended up not wanting to display it anymore. As a collector, I like fabulous, interesting pieces that fit with my style. This one, I ended up wearing the most somehow!

When it came in, it isn't Taisho. Taisho synthetics felt different, and often cracked- thus, why so many were silk/synthetic blends at the time. But this purely feels like a much later synthetic, and has the bright colours of the 60s and 70s with a nod to the bright, bold prints of Taisho. It's like modern-day 'hippie style' skirts vs. the actual skirts of the early 70s. The lining is fabulously soft!

It's technically a winter pattern, and in March, it's already far too warm to wear anything lined for long, but I tend to put it on whenever I go out to someplace nice. Orange works with dark blue denim and black pants alike- just  wear a neutral shirt underneath! I usually go with all black if I can help it, sometimes with a little unobtrusive jewellery if I feel like it. Something glossy and black, like glass or crystal. Stone work, but I prefer coral, jade, or pearls and brass, bronze, or silver to mimic antique kanzashi tastes.

The technique is printed shibori. The colours are true in the first photo, but got washed out in this one. My camera has trouble with colours. It seems to want to cast everything with a bluish light, regardless of actual lighting in the room. It doesn't have a setting to adjust this, either. It's a 2004 Kodak, and it's been halfway around the world. I'll have the money for a replacement soon (I hope!) Even so, you can clearly see the details...

Other items are mostly worn intermittently these days. A few years ago I was always cold, and in the heat, I could layer on clothing with impunity. These days, I'm always hot. For someone who grew up in a place where temperatures could get to 112F with the heat index and be only a little overheated to now stand outside in 45F weather wearing flipflops, shorts, and a tank top (while still sweating from feeling hot)... it's impossible. Kimono are a clothing I love, but I'm going to have to start investing in hitoe items more and more. I love my bijin-ga silk layers, but it isn't practical for me to wear those unless I know that I'm going to be in heavily air conditioned spaces. At least ro or sha kimono come in the cool colours that I love: purples, greys, greens, blues. <3 I don't think I could own anything white, though! In a house with four cats, that's just asking for trouble!

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