Bebe Taian: Rabbit yukata!

March 15, 2012

Rabbit yukata!

I was originally looking for a new hanhaba obi for my youngest sister to wear, since the one I got her before doesn't fit properly (it's a pre-tied, but the tare is too short), but I ended up finding a set that was about the same price as just the hanhaba!

I have a thing for usagi motifs, and I don't really have anything but a collar with rabbits on it. To find a cute yukata in good condition for cheap was a blessing! It wasn't folded or packed particularly well (I don't think the Americans who sold it knew much about them, or how to get the panels to fold properly), but cotton irons out in minutes. When I get it flat again, I'll see how it wears! In the meantime, my sister now has two hanhaba obi to choose from to wear with her yukata.

It's an encouraging find, at least, despite all the drama and stress of the past two weeks. I have to lock down this week to dye my hair, inventory my remaining kimono, and make piles of koshi himo for the upcoming Haru Matsuri at U. of South Florida! It'll be not tomorrow, but the Friday after that! Eeeek! And I work all week, too!

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