Bebe Taian: White Day, Valentine's Day Pt. 2

March 14, 2012

White Day, Valentine's Day Pt. 2

White Day is a corporate response to Valentine's Day in Japan. Thanks to the cultural sense of on (indebtedness), anyone who received chocolates or gifts on Valentine's Day must return the favour on White Day! The catch is that on Valentine's Day, acceptable chocolates were milk or dark choko. On White Day, the chocolate is... white! Yes, I'm sure you saw that coming. Also, on Valentine's Day, the chocolate-givers are all women. On White Day, it is the men's turn. I hope all of you who received chocolates on V-Day remembered to write down who brought you something, and what it was.

Just like on Valentine's Day, it isn't just your sweetheart that will be getting reciprocal chocolates. Typically, chocolate would have also been given to anyone you are socially indebted to on Valentine's Day, such as your boss, friends who helped you that year, etc.. DO NOT FORGET YOUR WIVES/GIRLFRIENDS guys, lest you end up spending on a lot more than just a box of fancy white chocolates! O_o

Honestly, I didn't think to buy white chocolate when I was in Japan. I wonder how different it is from American white chocolate. In America, milk chocolate is outrageously sweet compared to chocolate I've had from Europe. It tastes like chocolate-flavoured sugar wax by comparison. Japanese milk chocolate isn't too bad, depending on the brand. I think the 'dark' chocolate is more like 'milk' chocolate here. Possibly, cacao is triple the price there, and thus the difference. Maybe I can find some white chocolate produced in Japan at the local Asian market! I'll have to make a note to try it sometime.

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