Bebe Taian: Why I'm Missing Lately

April 30, 2012

Why I'm Missing Lately

(Originally posted March 5th, but moved to later so it stays 'on top'.)

Hi everyone. I know I promised about 20 updates by now. Here's the deal: my youngest sister is in the ICU on a heart transplant waiting list. Or rather, the docs know she needs a heart transplant, but are still deciding whether or not to even put her on the transplant list. There's a lot of criteria you have to meet before even getting on one, and right now... well, she's been given 30 days or less. So, between shuttling between the next town over an hour away at the drop of a hat, and trying to work on days when I'm not doing that, I'm in a little over my head. I can't process anything more right now.

Here's a list of posts in queue:
- Nihonjinron
-  On, A Sense of Indebtedness
- Giri, A Societal Obligation to Act
- Ojigi, Bowing
- Amae, Motherly Love
- Goze Women
- Quake Anniversary
- Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 3
- Joshi, the Doll Festival/Girls' Day, Snake Day Exorcism
- Keichitsu
- Ebay Updates
- Mannered Mondays 3/19 (undecided)

And there's another Mannered Monday article + White Day that I probably won't catch up on until after the fact. Sorry, everyone. I'm burnt out for right now.

UPDATE 3/11 - Slowly posting links to the "back issues" I missed. I honestly haven't seen my sister in a week, although I've been to the hospital twice. When she's asleep, I prefer to just let her get her rest. In the meantime, I've been working as many 12 hour shifts as I can get, and trying to solve smaller problems in between while keeping up on the demands of daily life. In time, I hope we can get D home and back to normal. Thanks for reading while I'm gone! <3

UPDATE 3/26 - D might be able to come home in a month. If she does well on current treatment, she may be able to postpone the heart transplant, but she needs to be under way less stress- impossible, due to current circumstances. Even so, trying to keep up with daily life first, online life "later" or in between crises. I'm adding links here to the "missing" posts as I go! Plus, there are many more that I forgot to list, including seasonal changes, some holidays, and lunar months. Don't miss out!

UPDATE 4/8 - D is now considered to be in critical condition. The medications did not help. She is considered 1A on the transplant list. I am hoping the doctors decide she is a good candidate. "Real life" is still my first priority, so my apologies. I have a few nice things to post soon, mostly about books and other paper goods! I will do my best. Ashita, ganbarimasu!


  1. Forget about the list and go take care of your sister! Reallife and especially family is always more important!
    And I hope it turns well for your sister and she'll get her heart...

  2. I hope your sister gets her heart she obviously needs it

  3. Hope everything goes well for your family.