Bebe Taian: J-Club Meeting Kitsuke

April 17, 2012

J-Club Meeting Kitsuke

Last night, I got to attend the last USF J-Club meeting of this part of the year. New officers were introduced, video montages of past events were played, plenty of fun club activities. I'm not actually part of USF, so it was good to meet a few of the people I may get to join soon... hopefully... one day when I come across thousands of dollars to afford an education. x.x It seems everyone says the same thing about the two language teachers; one is entertaining, and the class is easy. Nice person, but it will not be as great of a help if you go to Japan. The other is strict, and it's a tough class. No excuses! Get it right! But, even though it is very difficult, you will learn more or you will drop out. This is good to know in advance! It will help me decide what to do when I finally get to go... <3 Provided both are still teaching there!

Which of course, meant that I dressed up. Actually, I wore the same outfit the day before to see my mother in law. I rather enjoy the back support the obi gives me, since I tend to have the makura right beneath my shoulder blades, and I tie the obi tightly so that it is stiff enough that I can't slouch so easily. Also, I wore these items for the first time, except for the obiage, which I've worn a few times now. ^_^ I'm happy to have a nice outfit put together! Especially since this one was unintentional. And best of all, with the exception of summer (as it's an awase, lined kimono), it's "seasonless"! Kikko, clouds, and asanoha can be found just about all year, so I was happy that I could wear this just about anywhere. The iromuji lacks mon (crests), so it isn't too formal, but isn't jeans-casual, either. I tried to pick the right obi for it; the cloud motif matched, the colours seemed OK, and chuya tend to be less formal than other obi but are more formal than nagoya obi. Overall, I think I did alright.

Naturally, I probably wouldn't wear it all year... considering that purples are reserved for one group of months, oranges another, etc. But they look so good together!

I got the idea from Umeha. Between the pale purple of her kimono, the orange of the coral tama kanzashi, and the hakoseko accessory she's holding, maybe I could make silver, purple, and oranges work too. And I *have* been wanting to wear orange... but ack, my colouring. I'm just not one of those girls who can usually wear orange!

With this kimono, she was wearing a black and gold obi with a red and white ume motif obiage (seems to be a geisha standard item, there). I also went with a white collar on the juban. Seeing the hem at the sleeve, her juban is probably white. Mine is a bright white and blinding neon-like salmon asanoha pattern, unlined (which made it slightly less hot to wear) with a collar featuring woven kiku and sayagata.

Perhaps soon I can imitate her outfit again. I'll have to look through my collection of obi to discover something new to wear with this kimono. It was a somewhat unintentional purpose; I originally thought it to be pale blue (remember this kimono?) but it was pastel purple! Incidentally, it fit the measurements to my asanoha juban perfectly, so suddenly I had a 'match' that I hadn't anticipated. Normally I just buy something, and then alter the juban later to fit. So, even though it turned out to be a type of synthetic I don't like, I'll probably keep it anyways because the other qualities are good.

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