Bebe Taian: Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 4

April 6, 2012

Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 4

Previously, "My most used kimono items (not including juban, datejime, erishin, etc.)"

4. My least used kimono item(s).

I think my least-used kimono items are the most impractical or most delicate pieces I own. One is my vintage kikko-pattern shiromuku, which is a fine ivory silk (and not, strangely, pure white), and the other is my gorgeous Taisho furisode, which seems to have had basting in the sleeves maiko-style at some point. I do not have a photo of my wedding dress yet, although I suppose I should take it out to air and get some pictures!

As for the furisode, I posted about it here. Supposedly, it came from a geisha in Kyoto, a claim the seller did not often make. It was a reputable seller, so I'd believe it was someone who likely worked in the industry and had access to such things, especially very old, very expensive items like these. The fine holes in the sleeves where the basting typical of maiko style indicates that perhaps the story has credence, although the seller declined to reveal who sold it to them. I would love an obi that goes with the kiri pattern, although a geometrical pattern would work as well.

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  1. WOW it gorgeous, love the colors an the pattern