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April 23, 2012

More kitsuke ideas.

Sometimes, I admit- I don't care what season it is. Sometimes, there are gorgeous colours that just need to be worn. For me, it's usually a set of colours that I adore, and can't make work with my skin tone. :P But I think one of my future projects is this:

Maybe the end of Summer is more appropriate, but Fall is my favourite season. Maybe it's because Florida doesn't really have Fall. We think we do, sometimes, and then we realize that those leaves are brown because the tree died from Summer drought. It just isn't the same. For the rest of you, maybe file this idea away for August or September, but for me, it's a blessing to see these colours any time of the year!

Browns and greens are so easy to work with, too. Sage grey-greens and some form of brown works on just about any skin tone, making them so forgiving and multi-seasonal, they're just hard to pass up! The real trick is figuring out the accessories.

For this one, I think a leaf-brown or grey-green kosode with either a chocolate-brown obi with gold/mustard accents and acid green + pink-purple accessories, with plenty of metallic gold involved, or do it the opposite way: lots of purple with the leaf-brown and green details, with a the brown obi. My skin doesn't like purple or yellow in large quantities, especially near my face, so I avoid them, but I embrace browns and greens. I'm a huge fan of the palette I put together based on the photo, but my skin tone doesn't always work with it.

Rule #1- Remember, even if your favourite colours don't necessarily work with you, maybe there's still a way to wear them... just not in large quantities. An absinthe-green kosode next to MY skin? Ack! A bunch of tan and pink blotches abound! O.x But that same colour as an obiage or some socks? Looks great!

PS- I've had that photo since... 2005, it looks like, and I can't seem to find it on Google's Image search to credit it properly. If it's your photo, please let me know! <3

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  1. This is a gorgeous color palette! Very chic wjile also reminiscent of fall.