Bebe Taian: Private Collection: Haori from Pontocho?

April 23, 2012

Private Collection: Haori from Pontocho?

I purchased a few haori lately, and now I can finally post photos of one of them. I didn't go out looking for haori originally; in fact, I was looking for cheap black silk, the softest available, to take apart and sew into a blanket. Of course, this means that kimono are my first choice. This meant looking at all-black or mostly-black items such as haori... and incidentally, I found two that I couldn't pass up; potential ex-geisha haori!

The first one is this! The stylized butterfly mon is very distinctive, and has been seen on the darari obi of Ichiraku and Ichifuku of Pontocho.

The mon is difficult to see in the smaller version of the pic, so I left it in a large size so that you can see the full detail. The haori is impossibly soft silk, woven into very textured spider chrysanthemum patterns with tiny white threads to distinguish the details. The interior lining is a soft pale pink, woven with clouds, ume, and bamboo.

For reference, the measurements are:

Wrist to wrist - 128CM / 51.2IN
Neck to hem - 85CM / 34IN
Sleeve depth - 47CM / 18.8IN

Yep. There is no way I can take this one apart.

Despite my best efforts, I once again have ended up buying kimono stuff when I didn't intend to. Technically, I was looking to buy fabric this time. But it seemed like such an awesome thing to have, and it was so cheap... how could I miss this opportunity?


  1. Hong has a REALLY old tomesode kimono, it's in good condition and very, very, very soft silk. The design is embroidered and only covers a tiny part of the bottom. It's at my house right now, since we are going to con as dealers in the next few weeks, but if you want I can snap a picture of it for you. I have to look at the tag, but I can tell you that she priced it really low since she wants for it to go.

    1. Really? That would be excellent! I was mostly hoping to pick up pieces for around $10 or less, since I'm remaking them, but for really soft silk, I'm happy to pay more to know that it'll be more comfortable. <3 Nerve damage-related issues are not fun, so I'm trying to gather the softest materials possible.

    2. I posted some photos on my FB page, and I didn't bother with measurements since you're looking for fabric and not actual kimono. I was wrong, it's partially embroidered and partially painted/dyed. Let me know if you can't see the photos, but you should have no problem since they are public.

      Hong wants £10 for it, which is $17 with the exchange rate I believe. I think the shipping to you will be around $5, but if you decide to get it, I'll quote for sure. (I ship priority with tracking, because sometimes it takes longer to get to USA from where I live).

  2. I love it! Just let me know how to pay you. My e-mail is bebe taian @ gmail .com <3