Bebe Taian: Ack! A Lesson in Kimono-tying

May 23, 2012

Ack! A Lesson in Kimono-tying

Don't do what I did. Seriously. Oy. I didn't even realise it until it was far too late.

So, it started out awesome. That most recent Private Collection kimono was still on my list of things to wear- this one for the first time. I used my turquoise obijime instead of the narrow purple one to give it more colour, and added my gold and topaz snake bracelet. For a bag, I carried a sparkly sequin-and-beaded small bag, also gold-coloured. A lot of my accessories are things I picked up from garage sales or thrift stores. I can't recommend those enough! You can find the most awesome stuff there for dirt-cheap. Let go of your image of thrift stores as dingy, dirty places!

The kimono is actually about three inches longer than a juban on me, so if I tie it 'properly', it wouldn't have ohashori, but it was a little too long for my intended length, so the ohashori turned out really long. The obi is also not as wide as I normally wear them; Nagoya obi tend to be very narrow, so I usually stick to fukuro obi for that reason. The kimono is about the proper narrowness, but in order to get the collar to sit right without a juban propping it into place, I tied it a little tighter than usual. THAT was my mistake!

People, don't mess up like I did. Tying a kimono too tightly shut might feel comfortable standing, but that fabric had no flex, and apparently, even less strength. Standing* in it was fine... sitting down in it put a stress tear in a straight line down the bottom of the back! Yeah. The tear is about a foot long. It isn't the SEAM that burst- THAT would have been easily fixable! The stress tear is about 1" from the back seam, in the fabric itself. Which means I'll either have to A) make a really obvious fabric repair, B) make the kimono even narrower to compensate, or C) shorten it altogether to make a haori and have some cool fabric left over to make a purse or something with.

Oy. So... now to decide which fix is the most acceptable. I'm ... sort of disappointed. I mean, I'm glad it isn't completely ruined, and that it's still somewhat salvageable, but damn. It's the first time wearing it! I JUST bought that kimono! ::scream of minor frustration:: Knowing that it might be turned into something else gives me some consolation, but... ::sighs::

Steve Madden P-Merlo Boots
In the meantime, the outfit was decent. Could have changed it up a bit, but I didn't have much time to decide on things like that, so I kept it simple. One thing I might have changed were the shoes, but I no longer have my gold snake heels. Those would be a pair of gold shoes with a jewelled snake wrapping up the foot. I LOVED those shoes! I kept them until they fell apart. Actually, I have very few pairs of shoes. I don't particularly enjoy buying shoes, and I tend to avoid wearing them. Strangely, I wear shoes more often in the city than when I lived in the woods, mostly because the shrapnel and debris of 'civilization' is far more dangerous than most of what's growing in your backyard. So my choices of footwear are limited, but I think for what I have, I did pretty well. These are the ones I wear everywhere. -->

... It might have looked better in my head than it does on me. :P But then again, *I* look better in my head than I do in real life. DH took the photos this time. Dante, of course, helped out. ^_~ I think I'll do some more sketches of ideas. I have a few more to get things for before I can implement them, like a white hakata obi to wear with the phoenix kimono.

So, what do I do? Convert to haori? What are some versatile shoes to get? I have a pair of geta with red velvet straps, but I need to either change the hanao or get another pair. Maybe one that fits better. Small shoe size, wide feet. Oy. And what do I do about squeaky shoes? I love these boots, but not the noise they make!

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