Bebe Taian: Announcing Natsu Matsuri 2012!

May 30, 2012

Announcing Natsu Matsuri 2012!

To be honest, it was held later in the year last time, so I had forgotten about the approaching deadline until last week. This year, it's being held in the beginning of June, as opposed to the end of July. I haven't been able to import the yukata and men's items I wanted for this year, thanks to staggering unexpected expenses (like a hotel for a week at MY expense when the landlord decided to tent for termites), but I think I'll make it through. This year, I have a few new things to bring!

Sake cups are new items; I'm in love with these gold-plated ones I bought recently. There's going to be a post about them soon! I'm also going to try to swing the custom koshi-himo this year, despite finding myself with virtually no time to prepare.

I think part of my problem has been that many people cannot afford kimono right now. They're cool to look at, but the foreign and 'special' nature of even a yukata can make the expense seem daunting. I intend to bring some interesting but cheap items this year, so hopefully it will help me! Decorated tea balls, beaded haori himo, cell charms, and other one of a kind items will be up for grabs, cheap.

As soon as I get back to my apartment and get things sorted out, I'll be getting to work on how to set up the table. If it is this year like it was last year, I'm looking at open air on the grass, and I'll be attending by myself. This year seems much shorter than last year- only three hours long! So it won't be in the middle of the day like last time, at least. Wish me luck!

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