Bebe Taian: Article Updates

May 16, 2012

Article Updates

Two things:

1) I've cleaned up the tags a bit, since they were getting to be a mile long. I think I'm still working on tagging things better. Is it helping? Let me know!

2) I'm finally getting around to some of the articles I missed. I'm going to do my best to make more time for my blog again, now that things are sort of settling down. A roundup of articles I've missed:

- Giri, Reciprocal Obligations
- Ninjou, Natural Feelings
- Amae, Dependency Wishes
- Meiyo, Honour
- Kokuu, Grain Rain
- Hachiju Hachiya
- Hanamatsuri

I intend to catch up on the rest ASAP. There's about nine left to do before I'm fully caught up, plus plenty to write for this week and upcoming weeks in the meantime. <3

It's a nice, rainy day out, and for once, I'm finding myself with not one crisis to solve or errand that needs to be run- at least, nothing I can't put off until tomorrow. ^_~ I'm enjoying having time to write again. Now I just want to clean up a bit so I can take out my kimono and get new photos! Maybe I'll take a note from BikaBika, and get a good wig since my hair is always flat. ::laughs:: Ah, humidity. When it's a blessing if the numbers are 70% or less... oy.

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