Bebe Taian: Hachiju Hachiya, 88 Nights

April 2, 2012

Hachiju Hachiya, 88 Nights

On the 88th night after Risshun, Spring has been marked as officially arrived in Japan!

Before this date, it can sometimes be very cold at night and very hot in the day during what we consider to be Spring. This kind of weather is bad for crops, especially those who depend on water fields (such as rice) to grow. After Hachiju Hachiya, the 88th Night, one can expect the temperature to be much more even. But keep an umbrella out! The rainy season will start soon!

If you are a gardener, perhaps celebrate by planting something special (appropriate to your zoning/local climate). If you are not, perhaps make a special meal to enjoy outdoors!

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