Bebe Taian: Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 5

May 4, 2012

Kinyoubi Kimono Challenge 5

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5. My favourite coordination(s) so far.

I think my favourite co-ordinations somehow ending up involving that wonderful Meiji-era maru obi. It is much shorter than maru obi from only thirty years later, I think, although it could be that mine was owned by a smaller person (which, in Meiji era, was true- people were smaller than they were in later generations). However, it is much more likely that since most lower-class women could weave, it is shorter because it was handmade and the purpose was to make it long enough to function properly. For whatever reason it is shorter, it is a gorgeous and somewhat fragile piece. As it is, I've worn it only a handful of times. I prefer going with a similar look using more modern obi if I can help it, so that the Meiji piece does not become damaged.

One of the outfits I love is this one:

- Storm-grey silk iromuji woven with matsuba
- Meiji maru obi with pine branches, seigaiha, tori, and kikko
- Yellow/white or dark blue obijime
- White matsu-pattern obiage with gold detailing
- Brass Taisho hairpins

It is very much a winter outfit, although it can come off looking very formal, despite the iromuji being uncrested. Since there were no Nagoya obi in the late 1800s/early1900s, I suppose technically an outfit of that formality would have been worn with a fukuro obi, inevitably covered by a haori when outdoors.

While I love this kimono, it apparently became stained while being stored, although I'm not sure of the origin of the stain. It looks like tiny brown dots on one side, but it isn't mildew. I will attempt to clean it soon. Wish me luck!

Another outfit I adore... the kimono from the second challenge paired with this obi. The reason is obvious; both being gifts from my husband. I also wore it with my ivory shiromuki in a more modern version of a wedding dress, since the pale embroidery of the kikko was a perfect match, and the motifs were auspicious. I didn't intend to own much in the way of the trappings of a 'proper' wedding dress; I figured in the old days, most women wore the nicest things they had. Shiromuku, being so incredibly expensive (pure white silk and all), were made for the wealthy who would obviously be in a better position to keep the cloth pristine. I adored the shiromuku I have (and still do!) but I wasn't about to get a full wedding set for myself. Modern synthetics don't match ivory anyways! They are all pure white!

Ah, there are so many outfits I really love. Some which I only wear once or twice a year, as appropriate. But then, with the heat and humidity, I don't get many opportunities to comfortably wear kimono as it is...

Maybe next year, I'll do the challenge again and see if anything has changed!

Next: What you like and dislike about kimono.

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