Bebe Taian: Private Collection: Purple + White Hitoe Komon

May 18, 2012

Private Collection: Purple + White Hitoe Komon

I'm still in love with certain shades of pink-purples. I just don't do blue-toned purples very well! I can usually get away with red-toned purples, in small amounts. I think if I dress this up with enough black or maybe dark blue, I can get away with it. ^_~

The kimono was supposedly antique, but I don't think so. It seems similar in fashion, but the short roundedness of the sleeves makes me think otherwise. It is far more likely that a kimono in this condition is new with a retro feel than an actual antique piece with few stains or damages anywhere, whose sleeves had been cut short.

The silk is very rough transparent georgette with a kasuri weave. The stripes are in a few different shades, giving it an all-over 'fuzzy' look, a somehow cooling idea. The kimono itself is actually very short! Under 60" long (something like 57"), whereas my usual kimono are around 65-67" to tie them with a proper ohashori. Since the average height of Japanese women is still around 5'2" (taking into account the taller, younger generations and the older generations at around 4'6"), I am assuming it was made for someone who was around 4'8" or so. There is little to no room for enlargement.

Or who knows? Perhaps it is an antique after all, and someone did shorten the sleeves.

The obi is a pretty beat up, unlined and unfinished synthetic iromuji obi in a mustard yellow colour. I plan on getting it *really* clean and finding an obishin for it. I kind of enjoy that it's unlined and thin; it makes for a floppier musubi, but it won't be quite as hot as a double-sided thicker obi. In Florida heat, that counts for a lot! There aren't any actual stains on the obi. It just has that all-over general dinginess that comes with frequent wearing and not enough cleaning. I'll try to do it carefully, even though it's synthetic. Japanese fabrics have all kinds of surprises!

The obiage is an all-black piece made of crinkle-y soft silk. Technically, it's mofuku wear, but I think since it's a fairly informal outfit outside of Japan, maybe I can get away with it. The plum obijime is the style like two thin cords wrapped together intermittently, before being woven together at the very ends.

I'm thinking black tights and short boots so that overall, it doesn't look too 'heavy' to wear. It's a kimono I'd have to wear tied short anyways- even at full length, it might not be long enough to reach my ankles.

Now to get a hadajuban that fits it properly! <3

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