Bebe Taian: Shouman: Grain Full

May 21, 2012

Shouman: Grain Full

Barley - Wiki Commons
It's finally here! <3 Shouman, "Grain Full", the day when the sun is at 60 degrees celestial longitude. It marks a short season when grain is coming to grow in. Barley, wheat, and rice are starting to grow well, but are not yet ready to harvest.

Barley in particular is used to make miso paste (along with fermented soybeans), teas, and shouchuu (a whisky-like alcoholic beverage).

Since it is the beginning of growth, think bright blues, greys, bright green, and maybe orange and pale, rosy pinks. The days of sakura are already over, but peonies will most certainly be in! Ayame are also very much in season, so purples and white will not be out of place, either.

Browns and earth colours would bring warmth and livelihood, but as for me, I'll stick to cool colours as often as possible. Bright and cool greens are a favourite, when I think I can get away with them! Summer grasses and breezes are coming. Can you feel it?

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