Bebe Taian: 6th Month: Minatsuki

June 19, 2012

6th Month: Minatsuki

Minatsuki or Minazuki appropriately means "Month of Water". As we delved into Tsuyu last week, the rains and clouds have poured down, and we stored away our precious silks into places that (hopefully) won't be invaded by insects.

Ah, well. The rain is a good thing! It will flood the fields for better rice, a necessary activity that will yield good crops by Fall.

So wear your tougher fabrics if you think it'll be rainy (and cold) out, your synthetic gauzy fabrics if it's just hot and muggy. This season called for sha or unlined, but not transparent fabrics. However, even though sha is transparent, anyone who lives this far South might be OK with sheer fabrics due to the overwhelming heat. As for myself, I'm thinking deep blues and silvers today, with maybe a pop of earthy chocolate brown or hints of pale green. Think water colours, irises, wisteria, morning glories! I prefer 'black' morning glories myself, with deep eggplant purples, aqua blues, and white.

I used to watch geisha photo blogs all the time for what they were wearing... but most of all, I miss Onihide now. I love the ozashiki photos others post, especially because they include song lyrics and translations, a real view of what a geisha does at work when she isn't a living doll on the streets of Kyoto... but I also miss the ethereal qualities of the photos of the 'outer lives' of the geiko and maiko.

Tanefumi of Miyagawacho, June 2010 (Onihide)

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