Bebe Taian: For Sale: Shiromuku, 24GP Sake Set - Longevity

June 3, 2012

For Sale: Shiromuku, 24GP Sake Set - Longevity

I had the good fortune to import some beautiful 24k gold-plated sake sets lately. Many cups are 'standalone', meaning that they have no match, but some came in sets. One such set is this one, with the kanji for 'longevity'.

I'm spending the day cleaning up the entire lot, around 20-25 cups, but this immediately struck me because they are in three different sizes, the way san-san-kudo wedding cups are! And a long life together (presuming it is a happy union) is a very auspicious thing to drink to on that day, don't you agree? I am past the marrying years now, but it looks like they could bring someone else happiness...

Speaking of marriage, I am also looking for a new home for this shiromuku kakeshita. <3

Pattern: Tatewaku
Fabric: Synthetic (easy care!)

Length: 175CM
Width: 110CM
Sleeve length: 107CM

Not getting married? No problem!

Be creative- maybe this year at MetroCon or AnimeCon you can do Sagi Musume or Yuki-onna! For either one, you basically need an all-white long kimono and some accessories. For Sagi Musume, you'll need a red juban and a black obi with a white marukuge. For Yuki-onna, you'll need an all-white ensemble, as she is a snow creature. For both, you might need a second shiromuku or a soft tsunodashi (literally, "horn-hider", a hood that Japanese brides wear). If you want to be more macabre than beautiful, you could go as Ohaguro-bettari! Ohaguro-bettari is a monstrous youkai those poses as a beautiful woman, usually a bride, from behind. Then, when the person is entranced, she stands up and turns to face him... and wa! She has no face- only a large mouth, revealing a wide grin of blackened teeth! But, I don't know how you would go about 'blanking' your other features while still being able to see. That would be some cosplay!


  1. it would be simple if you use the zentai suit hood that is easily available fr a range of eBay vendors, i variety of forms sold(no openings for mouth or eyes or they can be customised for you or you can also sew one from a pair of semi sheer (about denier 40) tights in the correct colour for your make up.. section he thigh of oe leg out, and sew fr that i would use a serger or strength. It is a bit cruder than the zentai but acceptable for one that will take some good old horrific makeup and mouth castings eh?

  2. Great advice! If I get a chance, I'll try it out one year. <3 Thanks!