Bebe Taian: Nyuubai: Entering the Rainy Season

June 11, 2012

Nyuubai: Entering the Rainy Season

Tsuyu has started in Japan, and I can't say that it hasn't also here, all the way across the world. The season of rain in the summer is also called baiu (Plum Rain). If you live in Hokkaido, count yourself lucky! The rainy season should not affect you as much (barring any significant changes due to global warming), and you might get some nice days this month. Although, Okinawa-area residents have been putting up with this weather for a month now already. Umbrella companies must be having a party! It's going to be humid and wet- hide away your nicer silks and wrap them in something to keep out moisture. Fill your closets with Damp-Rid or something similar. And watch out for moths fleeing the rain! They just love eating nice fabrics.

As for Florida, it has been raining all week. All. Week. Nonstop. Rain, rain, more rain. Incredibly hot, and then more rain. Stops for ten minutes, and then- what's that up ahead? Down the road... a WALL of rain! O_o I lost my kitty umbrella. It was so cute! It was neon blue, and when it opened, it had a cartoon cat face printed on one side with ears that would stick up when the umbrella opened! And somehow I lost it- can't find it anywhere! Auuugh! Well, I bought a blue plaid umbrella now. We also have a smaller umbrella that is more compact; purple with red, green, and yellow polka dots.

We need the rain, not just because of fear of drought, but also for political reasons: companies like Zephyrhills, Pepsi, and Coke drain our aquifers until the normal citizens' homes (and sometimes the citizens!) are collapsing into the resulting sinkholes while paying next to nothing for the privilege. Meanwhile, our water prices are being raised because of the shortage, and homeowners and landlords all over the state are now paying thousands of dollars a year for the sinkhole insurance. We don't have water for farming or watering our lawns, but we can buy all the bottled water we want from Pepsi for $1.50 per tiny bottle! So more rain, as much as possible, might ease some of the restrictions we're facing from lack of water.

I missed out on Natsu Matsuri, sadly. I wanted to go so much- I prepared all week, took the day off work, advertised... but it was unavoidable. I came home from work on Friday when I found that Dante was walking funny. She's an older cat, and she's had some brain-related issues (like seizures, poor eyesight, etc), so I was worried. I ended up spending the money I'd intended for the festival tent on her vet bill that night. Even though it meant not being able to attend Natsu, Dante is okay. She had a claw bent and curled pretty deeply into her paw pad, and ended up getting it extracted. Poor girl. She's walking better now, albeit she's more skittish than before.

Rain was forecast for the entire day of the festival, and if it was anything like the rain we'd been getting all week, there was no way I was going to expose my kimono to the torrent without some kind of protection. That tent was really all I needed, but I couldn't find one to borrow in the short amount of time I had left. Auugh! ::frustration:: Ah well. I ended up taking a job with a friend that night. Nothing exciting. Just some housework she needed help with. Even though it wasn't nearly as cool as the festival, it was still good to catch up with someone I haven't seen in awhile. And wouldn't you know it- that night, I come home and see the pics from the festival... SUNNY!

Not my day.

Supposedly, it is going to dry up later this week. We'll see. Until then, it's cotton kimono that are proven to be colourfast for me!

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