Bebe Taian: 4th Anniversary! Woohoo!

July 26, 2012

4th Anniversary! Woohoo!

Today is the 4th Anniversary of meeting my husband. I have no idea how he puts up with me. Especially not for as long as he has! I'm very excited.

I don't think I'll wear kimono today, but maybe I will. We're going to the place where we met, a local coffee house called Sacred Grounds. We don't go very often, but it is a special place. More than likely, I'll wear what I have left of the clothing I wore the first time we met, for old times' sake. I no longer have the knee-high boots I owned then, having worn them to pieces, but the gold corset and black dress is still around! With gold, brown, and burnt orange makeup and gold jewellery, it'll be a great night. A shame my friend isn't playing tonight! It was because of his show that I even went to SG the night I met DH. Otherwise, I would have completely missed him!

DH has helped me in so many ways over the years. In fact, you can thank him for being the one to get this 'BebeTaian' thing off the ground! It is because of him that I've been able to collect and store my kimono, and have the internet access to study about my hobby and resell items here in America. Because of him, I have been able to expand what I knew about cultural traditions in Japan, and make new friends outside of my own area. And he doesn't mind when I rant about this stuff... a big bonus. ^_~ I've had some other good news this week, but that'll have to wait for it's own post. In the meantime, I'm heading out to dinner and coffee!


Went out for coffee, and man, I'd forgotten how strong they make it there! I started getting a headache from the caffeine about halfway through the mug, and that's after milking it down! Fortunately, DH is in love with the stuff, so he finished it up for me. Then bookstore, and Wal-mart. I got a new binder! <3 Yayyyy~ My old one was full. So, yep. No kimono stuff was involved, but I do have a project to unveil soon.