Bebe Taian: Last Day for Seed-Sowing

July 2, 2012

Last Day for Seed-Sowing

Today is Hangeshou, meaning "the last day for seed-sowing". After this day, some farmers take a week off in certain regions. I can't blame them. Farming is incredibly tough work! It must be nice for someone to take a week off to rest... but of course, that person will need their strength for cultivation that will come later!

I'm lucky to have my own garden, sort of. Rather, my friends (who have a yard) has a garden, and I just occasionally buy stuff to keep it running. They do all the actual work. I had a garden of my own once, and I loved it! There was a huge black snake that enjoyed hanging out there, too. I rather liked him. He ate the bugs that came for my plants, and otherwise just kind of chilled out nearby when I started digging. I guess it knew I wasn't there to hurt him, and digging always turns up borrowed crawlies for him to snack on. At least, I think it was a 'him'. How do you tell a snake's gender without picking it up? Regardless, very cool snake, and an awesome garden. Lots of peppermint, cacti, basil, catnip, and other good stuff. Fresh peppermint tea every day! And of course, the cats loved the nip.

In two days, it'll be another holiday here in the States... 4th of July. Only in America do we celebrate with poor-quality beer and explosives. For those who don't know, 4th of July in the States is Independence Day, the day we told the Brits that we were all grown up now and we were our OWN country and we weren't going to live with them anymore. >D And about 200 years later, we're still just kids on a global scale. (Do you think it shows?)


  1. A snake?! Now I don't feel so bad about the cat who digs in my yard from time to time. I would never leave the house again if a snake showed up.

    1. :P Most snakes are cowards! Some breeds might charge you, but mostly they're trying to scare you away from where they live because... they're scared of you. Black racers aren't poisonous, and they're all over Florida. They get HUGE! About 3-6 feet is not unusual for one. They don't like people much, and they keep to themselves when they can help it. Mostly, they eat insects, small birds, and rodents- a blessing when you can't afford modern pest control. I was kind of lucky he came out to see me.