Bebe Taian: Mannered Mondays: Etiquette of Old

July 9, 2012

Mannered Mondays: Etiquette of Old

I am very fortunate to own a third edition printing of "We Japanese", published by Fujiya Hotel in June, 1936. It is quite a difficult book to find; most people will have the 1950s edition, which seems to be expanded. A quick post on haori, circa 1936.

Taking Off Overcoats

"The Japanese overcoat is a cloak-like garment with long wing-sleeves, cape-like in effect, so made to allow the sleeves of the kimono and haori to be placed in them. It is regarded as an extra to ordinary garments, much as a raincoat is regarded- and no Japanese keeps his overcoat on, even when making a business call. It would not show respect were he to do so. Before entering temples, shrines, or homes, overcoats, hats, and in the majority of cases, shoes, are left on the outside porch or steps, and in the genkan (entrance way) of private houses."

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