Bebe Taian: Oh, Blogger...

July 5, 2012

Oh, Blogger...

I realized today that a bunch of posts that I'd written ahead of time and scheduled were instead saved as 'Drafts'. This happens with Blogger sometimes. I sometimes also have issues posting anything at all, even when it says something has been posted- I look under tags, keywords, at titles, everything under the day or month number that I can find... the post isn't there. And yet, the page insists that what I wrote was posted! Ack!

Well, that's no good, is it?

I didn't do much on 4th of July. I didn't dress up, and I avoided going anywhere. I did get some groceries, but only because I didn't think ahead and get them the night of the 3rd! Any holiday involving heavy drinking by large numbers of people is something I try to shut myself in for, since I don't want to be on the roads (for obvious reasons). Luckily, it gave me plenty of time to stick around online and begin some research that I'm doing for a book I'm writing. I started last night... spent five hours alone transcribing plant names and scientific names. I didn't even finish the scientific name section for the 450-or-so entries so far! And I have hundreds more to add. Then will come the REAL work.

This means that between usual work, the pagan supply shop, and writing, I might not have much time for blogging as regularly as I did. But I'm seeing a real gap in the market with what I'm working on, so I want to pursue it while I can! <3

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