Bebe Taian: Website-building Woes Finally Over!

July 29, 2012

Website-building Woes Finally Over!

I'm... not the brightest. :P I'm really not. I started a website on Weebly in an effort to leave behind the horrible problems with Artfire, Etsy, and Ebay, and all of their fees upon fees and privacy issues that they refuse to acknowledge. Like that time Artfire released hundreds of users' addresses and purchase info to random users due to some kind of service glitch... and didn't even apologise for it. I'd rather NOT see a scenario where that happens to my customers!

But I took so long to build it. I really wasn't sure of my colour scheme, what I'd do besides list kimono, how to integrate the blog, etc. And creating a website with Weebly when so much stuff can't be saved as a template is tedious. I have two other jobs, and not a lot of time. So I just went at it little by little in my free time, when I could think well enough to type. :P

But here's the thing: I don't really know what I'm doing with CSS and new HTML, so I'm not building my own cart, and Weebly's cart is not optimal. But for now, it is a free site that I can build without putting up hundreds of dollars for design and hosting, until I have enough business to put in the funds for a better site. I'm working within the template as best as I can- it's just the cart!

The cart goes directly through Paypal, which is very secure and takes credit cards. Transactions are done through Paypal, not through my host. I can set prices on Weebly for the items by themselves, but not shipping. OR I can include the shipping price WITH the item price, but if you try to, say, buy five kimono, you'll suddenly be charged $60 for shipping vs. maybe $9-12 for Priority Mail + Insurance. That can put you over your Paypal or bank account limit. So, I have opted for invoicing for shipping costs separately.

The good news is that unlike previously, where you had to sign up for Artfire or Etsy or wonder if a listing had expired, Weebly requires no such stuff. There is nothing to sign up for to use my site. Just have a Paypal account! Listings don't expire, for better or worse. This is something I also have to work on- figuring out the quantity options, which don't seem readily apparent. Working on it!

But the beginning is up. A few items are listed across the various categories. Some pages are still being filled in. I have another big announcement to make in the next few weeks regarding kimono stuff, so I have to check what else I can list for sale right now. Want to check it out?

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