Bebe Taian: A Night in Tokyo 3

August 24, 2012

A Night in Tokyo 3

Three years ago, I went with Ana's Ikimaru to an event at USF called "A Night in Tokyo". It was a fashion show and talent show, where Aikido groups and drummers performed. I missed the second one (I think I was working), sadly, but I was invited to come to this years' event again! <3

By invited, I mean that this year, I'm helping to run the fashion show portion of the program.

There is a fashion designer, Amandia Reese Craig, also working on the same project, so I don't feel alone or particularly nervous. This being my first fashion show, I'm slightly panicking... like I always do... and then I grit my teeth, get on with it, and somehow stuff usually turns out okay. Plus, there will be a makeup artist team, so that makes things easier!

I'm mainly worried about a few things: importing tabi and shoes to match outfits, and finding clothes that will fit the models, as most of mine are Japanese-sized, and American women are built bigger. We tend to be taller, broader in shoulder and hips, and that makes it difficult without startup money to provide something in the way of 25 outfits.

Akiya, Guitarist - Kaggra
What I *think* will happen is that I will have five outfits or so to be worn traditionally, whereas the rest will be wearing various wafuku items in a modern fashion, like kimonoHIME or angura-kei style.

As someone who sought out visual kei bands, Kaggra was a favourite for their fashion as well as their music. Where many bands began to imitate Dir en grey, Malice Mizer, and generally became fashion-parodies of themselves, Kaggra remained pretty much themselves, favouring a mix of kimono and modern clothing that represented their style of music. While I think the fashion show in this case would have a less disheveled look to it (mostly to keep the kimono clean and off the ground), the bright colours, patterns, and less-restricted methods of wearing clothing is encouraging and inspiring to me. If only I had a few bangasa laying about!

Or a kanzashi set ala "The Cat Who Walked Through Walls". I want one of those too, for the sheer geek factor and future-coolness.

Let it be known: Wa-fashion is ALWAYS "in". The rest of the world just forgets that sometimes.


  1. Very cool! I hope we get to see pictures and/or video of the show?

    I love traditional, but Hime and angora-kei are just really cool for some reason I can't put my finger on. These styles just make me want to wear them whenever I see them. :)

    1. I hope to have plenty of photos! I might be too busy to take them myself, but there will surely be some up on the J-club Facebook page. <3

      I think I've said it before, but if you're feeling 'lazy' towards fashion, a basic black shirt, jeans, and a casual haori can't be beat for style. Add a little bright makeup or jewellery if you like, and you're done!