Bebe Taian: Coveted Kimono: Taisho Rabbits

August 9, 2012

Coveted Kimono: Taisho Rabbits

Taisho Usagi kimono, from Ichiroya
One of my favourite motifs, usagi (rabbits), is a fairly difficult one to come by on adult kimono. Why is that? I dream of a particular rabbit houmongi, made of ro silk, in twilight blues and dusky purples and pinks, with fields of summer grasses and usagi. <3

But this kimono is so, so beautiful. It has so many of my favourite colours. I think it's Taisho-early Showa, judging by sleeve length and style. Meisen weave was very popular at that time! This kimono was unlined, obviously intended for early summer. 

Most Taisho kimono feature stripes, a favourite holdover from the Meiji period, or brilliant flowery patterns now made easier to produce because of the introduction of synthetic dyes and factory weaving. To find something so bright and bold with such an unusual pattern is wonderful. It must have been a very spirited woman who wore this kimono! And probably, very fashionable.

But... it cost about what I make in a month on Ichiroya, and it sold as soon as it was listed. So this one will not be mine. However, I have another project to spend money on right now. I'll be announcing THAT project on here soon!


  1. I don't know if you follow later comments, but I loved yours on BeautifulWithBrains about possible new colour choices for collections, so I came here to see the rest of your work... and I like it - you have a knack for describing things you write about and relating them to your readers.

    (I especially liked this post because my nickname means "rabbit" :) .

    Oooh, and the Dir en Grey one, too!)

    1. Thanks! <3 I follow later comments when I remember to check them! >D

      I saw you there, too. Shiro Cosmetics and Fyrinnae tend to have some pretty awesome colours, some more versatile than others. I'm not asking for full palettes of exotic shades here; if that featured palette had two or three 'normal' shades and one really unique one, I would have at least considered it!

      Do you have a thing for snakes like I do? I noticed a lot of snake-related stuff on your photo blog. And the colours of 'Riverworld'- <3 <3 <3 I had a sari in those bright pinks, with gold and silver glitter, but it disappeared one year... ::laughs:: I never looked good in it anyways, but it would have made for awesome valance curtains! So every Autumn, greens, blacks, bronze, oranges, sometimes purplish-pinks. I wear purple all year, so one more purple palette is not impressive to me, you know?

    2. Wow, sorry, it's been a really busy week!

      Yes, I saw the link you left - that colour is like someone distilled half of all the fantasy literature I've read and made an eyeshadow. I was stunned by its beauty.

      I don't know if you follow Beauty and the Bullsh*t, but she had a post on exactly that: one or two out-there colours push people to buy more of the brand - even if they themselves don't sell all that well.

      Not exactly a 'thing' - there are whole tumblrs dedicated exclusively to snakes - but I find them very beautiful, I love their colours and patterns... and those things make for some really good photographs :D .

      You might like this tumblr: Yorke Antique Textiles. Patterns <3 .