Bebe Taian: Making Kimono Smell Better

August 27, 2012

Making Kimono Smell Better

If you aren't in Japan (and even if you are) and you buy a secondhand kimono, chances are, it was stored with mothballs at some point. And since many Japanese folks smoke, it might have a musty smell, too. Ugh! How irritating! And how difficult that is when older kimono can be so fragile, and can't be cleaned or even dry-cleaned without risk of damage.

So, what to do?

As for myself, I burn benzoin resin close by (but sufficiently away from the kimono- no getting smoke damage or residue on them!) to help rid the smell. Airing them out frequently helps a lot, and some of the more resilient fabrics like wool or hemp can be Febreze-d or washed. Another thing I do when bringing them out of storage or unpacking them upon arrival is burn incense in the room with the kimono hanging on the wall.

This week, I'm holding a sale at my Ebay page, as it's my first year as a seller of pagan supplies, incenses, etc. on there. If you want a deal on cone incense (much less messy than stick incense), check it out! I also have brass incense burners for $2.50, which I can add to any invoice upon request.

The listings will expire in one week, and Buy It Now options are available for those who don't want to wait around for a bidding war.

6 Boxes of Cone Incense - You Choose Scents
6 Boxes of Cone Incense + Incense Burner
10 Boxes of Cone Incense - You Choose Scents

- Dragon's Blood
- Patchouli
- Sandalwood
- Myrrh
- Night Queen
- Lotus
- Cinnamon
- Vanilla
- Nag Champa
- Cannabis
- Sage
- Frankincense
- Opium
- Millefleurs

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