Bebe Taian: A Night in Tokyo 3: Preparations

September 28, 2012

A Night in Tokyo 3: Preparations

On Monday the 17th, I went to my second meeting for A Night in Tokyo 3.

Plenty of people showed up, and it was a good thing! Technically, all meetings from here forward are mandatory.

Since the lists of who is wearing what are still shifting, I'm still not entirely sure who is on 'my' team, and who of those are 'joint-owned' between me and another designer. But, for anyone there who wanted to try on kimono that day, I was happy to quickly (although, not very neatly I'm afraid) dress them.

Contrary to popular belief, kimono are not necessarily 'one size fits all'. If you are wearing kimono in a modern kimonoHIME fashion, or are mixing them with Western clothing, size is not particularly an issue. If you are wearing them properly, then size is of utmost importance!

Because I didn't have any "official team list" yet, I didn't want to start taking measurements during the first mandatory meeting (the last meeting was not mandatory, and being scheduled during some students' classes, a lot of people didn't make it). Even so, I want people to get used to how they feel in a kimono, and hopefully, get some of the models to the point where they can dress themselves come the day of the show! That would make things easier on everyone, really. Yukata are very easy to tie by oneself, so those who are assigned summer clothing should have it easy.

Lots of photos were taken (not by me, but I forget who), so feel free to check them out here. I had forgotten just how bad I tend to look in candid photos. x.x I'm putting on weight in all the wrong places... I guess that's what gyms are for, if I could find the time or the money. I would definitely go! Ah, but a good kimono hides all of that, now doesn't it?

One awesome person brought in a vintage silk kimono of their own, a teal komon with metallic kiku woven in! It still had scraps of the red lining in the wrists and edges of the sleeves, and under the arms, remnants of the original lining that had since been replaced. It's probably from the 30s or 40s. The juban is a crinkly, slightly stretchy burgundy + white chirimen weave with a shibori pattern (stamped, not hand-tied). The Nagoya obi she brought with it was gold and white ichimatsu pattern with kiku and other patterns. What a bright combination! I wonder if the Nagoya obi is from the 40s, or if it was newer. It's very short to tie, and the kimono/juban set itself is very small. A very petite person must have worn them! You'd think with an obi several feet long, that would be enough fabric. Heh. Heh. No. I wish... but appearances are deceiving on that one, too.

I ended up leaving a bit early since I was on-call to pick my sister up from a class, but man, was I tired already by that point. It was a h-o-t day, and for that meeting, I carried a large laundry basket of kimono and kimono books to the meeting. My heart was not happy about that. I may end up having to buy a collapsible cart for future trips. Fortunately, I ended up not having to drive across town for my sister. Instead, I went home, brought the kimono upstairs, and collapsed into bed for awhile! >D

This week, I messaged everyone on the current list to get their measurements. I'll be needing to order tabi, kimono, and any other accessories I'll need this week or else they might not come in time for the show. Once I have everyone's measurements, I can compare them to the measurements of existing kimono articles and match people with outfits. The next meeting is on Monday the 1st, when I'll be taking measurements according to the list I've compiled. It's a lot of work to put on a show like this, but I'm happy to do it. I want this show to be the best one ever!

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