Bebe Taian: Nihyaku Hatsuka

September 11, 2012

Nihyaku Hatsuka

Artist: Takako Komaki
Nihyaku Hatsuka is 220 days from Risshun. The year is quickly passing by! It is considered to be the end of the storm season.

Even so, my colours today are various shades of soft purple, cerulean blues, storm greys, misty silvers, and cool-toned whites. Think storm clouds and dragons, cool slate and iron, slippery silks and comfortable white tabi. Long, flowing skirts and good back support are very appealing.

Takako Komaki is a wonderful ningyo artist. I'm convinced that the point of a doll is to fashion an idealized version of a beauty that never existed in life. An avatar, of sorts. And hers are created with such attention to detail! Check out her gallery- you won't be disappointed.

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