Bebe Taian: Nihyaku Touka

September 1, 2012

Nihyaku Touka

'Nihyaku touka' literally means '210 days' since Risshun, the beginning of Spring. This time of the year, fishermen and boaters need to be alert for sudden typhoons. The heat is subsiding, and whenever a cold front and warm front collide, there are storms. On land, bad enough! On the sea, calm water turns deadly very quickly.

Fumino + Ayano, 23/9/10 - Onihide
The good news is that people can still wear cooler clothing. The breezes are picking up, despite the unseasonal humidity in Japan this year. Ro fabrics in all layers is appropriate for most of September, and I highly suggest it if you have any to wear. Sha is fine for the first few days, although to be honest, I'm not sure all but the most die-hard kitsuke enthusiasts are very concerned with whether or not you wear the 'correct' weave for the time of year, so long as it isn't *too* out of place.

So, folks, keep your umbrellas out and your summer clothes in your wardrobes. The time for breaking out your sweaters is not yet!

Colours should be cool and dark, or pastel and light. Think deep purple-blues of kikyo (Japanese bellflower), with vibrant green pastel leaves, jade tama kanzashi, swirls of silver and brass, golden hagi (bush clover), and decadent black. Don't the pink accents look beautiful?

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