Bebe Taian: Quick Update!

September 9, 2012

Quick Update!

Making a note here: "Huge Success!"

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

I went through every entry and fixed tagging issues, broken images, etc. Old links still stand, since I don't want to alter content of posts, but at least things make more sense now. Some posts were tagged 'kimono', others were not, etc. etc., and some tags are redundant anyways. I'm happy to be rid of them. Some tags needed to be added, since I had some holidays with their own tags, but others had only 'holiday' tagged. I'd rather have all holidays tagged with their names as well as 'holiday'. Same goes for the months, but not necessarily the sekki or zassetsu- too many of them!

Yay for fixing tags. It only took a couple hours.

As well, I think I have a meeting coming up with the J-club regarding A Night in Tokyo. So, hopefully I'll be able to post more about that soon! <3

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