Bebe Taian: Private Collection: The Other Haori

September 29, 2012

Private Collection: The Other Haori

This is the other haori. The crest on this one is the same as Ichino's from Gion, as seen here.

I can't decide which of the two I favour more! I love the soft, crinkly, slightly shiny silk of the kiku haori, or the faux-patchwork and asa no ha details of this one. Either way, they're both beautiful.

I think the beauty in each lies in their simplicity. It's an understated beauty, outwardly so plain, but once the finer details are understood and the quality of fabric and production is taken into account, they are quite beautiful indeed.

The lining is bright orange, red, and white, with a maple, waves, and plum blossom pattern. It's very early Autumn, and perfect for this month! As October approaches, a wave of momiji will take Japan by storm in a flurry of greens, reds, browns, and yellows.

The haori is made of silk, inside and out. The wave pattern is the same as my silver fukuro obi (flowing waves woven with ichimatsu pattern weave). I wish the lining were matched better, but even so, it's gorgeous fabric and it's wonderfully nice to wear. A shame it's still so hot out in Florida! We could wear ro just about all year!

The measurements on this haori are:

Wrist to wrist - 125CM / 50IN
Neck to hem - 73.75CM / 29.5IN
Sleeve depth - 38.75CM / 15.5IN

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