Bebe Taian: Where Did I Go?

September 26, 2012

Where Did I Go?

It's "crisis time" again, where bad stuff is just happening all. the. time. And battling with the stress and fallout and the crises themselves is like fighting a tidal wave with a teaspoon. But if a teaspoon is all I have, I'll still try to bail myself out...

::cue 'Kuroshitsuji' line about humans and a spider's thread::

In the meantime, I have a hot pot of green tea, and five cats that are well taken care of by my husband when I'm gone at work or off errand-running. Five? Oh yes. Rescued one last week, incurring a bill that I can't cover... but, it's a cat's life, so of course, I must. It's worth it. He's a total panther! His face is pretty swollen right now, but soon it'll go back to normal. He had a severe allergic reaction to his cat food, along with some other issues like dehydration. Actually, he's looking better already, since that photo was taken.

Poor Seraphina is terrified of him. He doesn't actually do anything, but she is terrified of black cats. She's a former alley kitten, and we're pretty sure she had some bad run-ins... now she's afraid of ALL black animals. So she's hiding on my clothes in the closet. It's already clear that we can't keep so many cats in one apartment, so I think it's time we find this guy a home!

I've also been working waaay more than usual. And I'm looking for another steady job on top of all this! I'm not getting anything I want done at home! x.x But as always, I'm going to do my best. Don't panic. Just plan.

Annnnd on top of everything else immediately requiring large sums of money I don't have, I ALSO need to order kimono items in the next few days or they won't get here in time for the show! Aaaargh!

Well, it's time to find a way to make these things happen. I'll think of *something*...

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