Bebe Taian: A Sneak Preview of Night in Tokyo 3

October 17, 2012

A Sneak Preview of Night in Tokyo 3

Just a quick look at some of the things I hope to bring to Night in Tokyo 3. Some items are still coming in the mail... I really hope they get here in time! But working with what I have on hand, here are some things I think you'll see that night. After the show, many of these items will be for sale (although models get first dibs), so keep watching! They'll be listed soon enough! And most will be ready to ship well in time for Christmas. <3

This one is a brand-new, tags-on washable hitoe kimono, brightly-coloured and LOUD. O.o The colours remind me of the cheshire cat from Disney's "Alice in Wonderland"- not the recent version with Johnny Depp, but the classic animated version. What obi to pair with it? Well... I'm still figuring that out. :P Not my style, so it'll be for sale after the show!

Wrist to wrist: 53"/134CM
Sleeve length: ?
Body width: 26"/66CM
Shoulder to hem: 66.7"/169.5CM
Material: Polyester

Cotton yukata, wool hanhaba obi set. The colours are so much brighter when seeing them outdoors in natural sunlight! Even though yukata are the easiest things to wear and take care of, for some reason, I've never properly appreciated them. I think it is because my own boxy, wide-shouldered frame makes them look so... unfeminine. Anyone else looks great in them! And admittedly, they are very, very comfy. These will definitely be for sale post-event.

Wrist to wrist:
Sleeve length:
Body width:
Shoulder to hem:
Material: Cotton


I've no idea what I'm going to pair this with, but I've had it for so long, and it's so beautiful. My challenge is to make it work! I MUST find something in my collection that truly compliments this obi! I wish I had something in deep red-toned purple, to keep it monochrome with a bright teal splash. Maybe metallic blue + gold accessories. You can't see it in this photo, but along the very bottom of the taiko are two very thin metallic gold threads.

Due to the lack of things like fabric wear or fold lines (from wearing the obi), I assume the previous owner must not have had many ideas for wearing it either. This week, I bought a matching obijime... so, I am doubly determined to succeed.

Length of tare:
Width of tare:
Length of taiko:
Width of taiko:
Material: Silk

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