Bebe Taian: For Sale: Nishijin Silk Thread, Orange + White Obi

October 12, 2012

For Sale: Nishijin Silk Thread, Orange + White Obi

I put a few things up for sale this week! I posted them at the PerthroSupplies shop, since the cart system is very easy to use. They are also at my site. No bidding wars, no waiting for combined shipping at PerthroSupplies! Just click and pay. That's it!

Vintage Nishijin deadstock silk thread skein for obi weaving. Japanophiles know that Nishijin produces some of the finest silk in the world! It is very famous in Japan. I bought some for a restoration project, and ended up getting too many!

The skein weighs 3oz. It has a few small spots that are difficult to capture. You can see it in the upper-left corner on the skein. Silk naturally yellows with age, or if it is exposed to humidity. Keep your silk things in paper, away from humid or wet areas, and out of sunlight whenever possible!

Metallic gold, orange, black, and white Showa-era Nagoya obi for fabric. This obi has some faint stains overall, but it does have some 'clean' sections that may be cut for crafting handbags or somesuch. I have not tried dry-cleaning it to get them out, but I never wore it since it doesn't match anything I own. It is made of thick, stiff synthetic materials, I think.

Tare (length to wrap around the waist) is 91"/227.5CM long x 6.25"/15.6CM wide.

Taiko (length that makes the taiko knot in back) is 43.5"/108.75CM long x 12.5"/31.25CM wide.

More photos available!

As soon as the Night in Tokyo event is over, I'll have much more to list. For now, I'm trying to reserve most of my kimono items for dressing the models!

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