Bebe Taian: 霜降: Frost's Descent

October 23, 2012

霜降: Frost's Descent

霜降 is Soukou, Frost's Descent. Winter is coming; Autumn is almost over already! And here, I've been bringing out so many of my kimono for airing before the show... and thinking, "Oh! Such lovely oranges! What perfect Fall colours!"

I guess I should remark that it's been in the 70s-80sF here in the past week. Days that are so hot, I walk a few blocks to get groceries and come back needing a shower. Not exactly what I think of when I hear of winter coming!

But October is coming to an end. November will be here soon... in other places, the leaves are turning brilliant reds and golds and browns. I'm thinking of earthy chocolates with golden sheen, mame-iro (bean paste purple), bright, brilliant shades of green and oranges, and deep reds to speak of the coming month of warm fires and the crisp smell of cool air.

The Night in Tokyo show is coming up soon. Next Monday is our last meeting before the show. I have one more outfit to prepare, and then, I have to practice tying obi all week so that I'm faster come the day of the show! Wish me luck!

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