Bebe Taian: Kanro: Cold Dew

October 8, 2012

Kanro: Cold Dew

The 17th of 24 seasonal subdivisions, Kanro means "Cold Dew". Autumn has firmly set in, and awase (lined) kimono have been in season since about mid-September. Rain is to be expected, and cooler morning temperatures should follow.

Leaves are turning gold and brown, so perhaps greens, royal blues, and mame-iro (bean colour) is in order? These are the colours I tend to wear this month. Perhaps tans and black as well, with golds and slight hints of reds and purples. It looks like the women who dressed their maiko might have felt the same!

Koyou, Wakana, and Ayakazu - October 2008 - Onihide

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