Bebe Taian: Kinyoubi Kimono 10

October 5, 2012

Kinyoubi Kimono 10

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10. Your biggest kimono inspiration.

I always look at what geisha and maiko are wearing, all year 'round.

The Kyoto houses pay so much attention to the language of kimono, and I can almost always find the answer to my questions by what someone is wearing. "What on earth do I put with colours like these?! Auuugh! This colour chart doesn't help!" Ooh, that maiko is wearing something similar... OMG THERE IS THE ANSWER! It was here the whole time! Now, how do I get an obi as nice as that one?

A popular postcard photo - two maiko of Kyoto in Autumn.
If nothing else, I look at ukiyo-e. The women portrayed were often the most fashionable of their day, and I adore Edo-period style. They looked so... comfortable and sexy in their clothes. A bit of red silk from the juban sticking out at the collar, layers of kimono almost haphazardly tied on and held together with a hip-to-overbust wide obi (the widest obi ever became), less... stiff-looking knots in back, nothing like the fancy styles of today's fukuro obi for ofurisode.

This, of course, only fuels my desire for more kimono... to be like them: to be iki.

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