Bebe Taian: Nagatsuki, The Long Month

October 15, 2012

Nagatsuki, The Long Month

The long month, Nagatsuki, is finally here.

Momiji has turned vibrant- in yellows, oranges, and reds, the world is an explosion of colour! Kiku are in full bloom. My favourite are the spider chrysanthemums and ogiku (large kiku with inverted petals towards the bottom). For some reason, roses were also popular this time of year during the Taisho era, as evidenced by postcards and photographs of maiko and other women wearing rose-kiku combinations.

Really, I'm not sure why this month is 'the long month', considering that it doesn't appear to be any longer than the others... Nagatsuki begins today and ends on Nov. 13th, or slightly less than 30 days. So... ? If anything, it seems like this part of the year is about waiting for more holidays, such as New Years, various winter festivals, and the like. I can only think of two events happening between now and Kaminazuki (the 11th lunar month)!

But that doesn't mean the year is less exciting for me. I've been able to purchase some of what I need for the kimono show coming up, and I'm looking forward to earning the money for one or two items still missing. There are all kinds of festival preparations, and Halloween is coming too! So please don't think it is a boring month. There is so much to do, so much to come!

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