Bebe Taian: Tumblr: A Second Home?

October 25, 2012

Tumblr: A Second Home?

Tumblr: a second home for Bebe Taian?

I’m still working with layouts, trying to find one that works with my established (and comfortable) format. Posting multiple photos within one post is now daunting, to say the least.

But since most people have Tumblr now, and do not follow Blogger/Blogspot, I figured I should post in both places. Tumblr would allow me to have some additional content that I’ve been wanting to explore, since I won’t have to mark my entire blog ‘Adult Content’, when 95% of posts are generally safe for work. I would be free to discuss things like shibari, shunga, and a host of practices regarding human sexuality (including the role of geisha) more in-depth than I am capable of at Blogger.

If you have any layout suggestions, I'm mainly looking for free ones to work with. I like the red, black, and tan look. In fact, I preferred the Notes/book type free template Tumblr offers, but it was very narrow as far as posting space goes. I figured out how to widen the text area, but I have to edit the background photo and host it. Another ideal template made me go through more than 1600 lines of code looking for how to move one column to the left. I figured out the other two, and how to expand them, but not that one column. Argh!

Which means I'll be copying my old posts to the new Tumblr, when I have time. I copied a few of the first ones tonight so that I could play with themes, but I'll add more later.

To make it clear: I'll still update Blogspot/Blogger, much faster than I update Tumblr. The only benefit of Tumblr is my ability to post about additional NSFW topics. This blog will be SFW-only!

In other news... one week left until the fashion show. Or rather, two weeks, and one week left to prepare. One final meeting before the show. OMG. So much pressure. But I want to do well, so...

I'll do my best. I have all of the outfits for my team picked out! Can't wait to actually dress some people. I think I'll practice tying musubi on myself a bunch this week so that I can get it down for the show. ^_~ I also need to improvise/make some items, like makura and ita. Ita are pretty much just cardboard, so it should be simple enough. Makura... Roll up a towel and tie it with himo, maybe? I used to roll up long-sleeved shirts and tie them with the sleeves... Hnnn I'll think on it. If I have to, I have polyfill, and I can make makura if necessary.

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