Bebe Taian: An Obi Revisited

November 29, 2012

An Obi Revisited

Back in February, I sold a stiff metallic obi bolt, likely intended to make a tsuke obi from. Almost a year later, I find out the fate of that unfortunate obi. It's been made into a series of awesome purses!

This is what that obi looked like before it was a set of purses. I’d say the purses are probably the best thing that could have ever happened to this obi! You can see from the right side here that it isn't merely folded untidily. That fabric is supporting it's own fold lines that way... because it was packaged that way and wouldn't un-bend. It was difficult to get photos of the obi without the bends affecting how the embroidery showed up in places.

You can also see from the second photo that the te was meant to be folded in half and then worn, but that proved also to be nearly impossible! Surely, it was a sadist who made this fabric into an obi.

Originally, I bought this obi to match a fantastically bright, bold kuro-tomesode with red, purple, green, gold, and orange details. When I got it, though… ara! As I've said, it was so stiff, I could barely unfold it just to take photos! x.x Seriously, I couldn’t tie it at all, and once it bent, the fabric would STAY bent- usually in the places I didn't mean for it to bend at all!

I considered cutting it to make a pre-tied obi, but getting through that fabric would require a denim needle… if that didn’t break. At least it would look perfectly smooth without an obi-ita. But I never got around to it, and I came to terms with selling it. And look how awesome and useful it is now! <3

Yoboseiyo, this is great. A purse is perfect for that fabric- especially since those are the sort that need to retain their shape! (And good luck getting them out of that shape, once in. LOL.) There are others still for sale, it seems! Check them out!

Photo belongs to Yoboseiyo at ObiRevisited


  1. hey, i just found this when i was google-fuing for obis! :D

    i'm so glad you like what i did with the obi! those bags are my favourites out of all that i've made. :D

    1. I'm very impressed. I really didn't know what to do with this obi, due to the material. I was going to wear it with a matching black kimono with bright green, red, purple, and gold cranes, but... oy. Tying it in an otaiko knot?! I can't even fold it flat without difficulty!

      Thanks for giving this one new life.