Bebe Taian: Bebe Taian's 2-Year Anniversary!

November 1, 2012

Bebe Taian's 2-Year Anniversary!

This is BebeTaian's two year anniversary of being a blog. I've been so busy this week, I'd almost forgotten!

I spent the day running around doing errands, cashing cheques, paying bills, sleeping off my friends' Halloween/Birthday party from the night before... all in all, a good day. The USF show, A Night in Tokyo, is rapidly approaching. I have only a few more days to finish the koshi himo I made and make some accessories, like obi makura, and sew a few collars to the juban I have laid out. Then, ironing and any repairs that need to be made before the show. I also have to look for work and go to the job that I already have! Eeek! I'm really nervous, and in a way dreading the day of the show... will I have what it takes to get my part done? I'm always worried about this. But, I think when it's over, I'll find that I've taken myself too seriously, and that things will have turned out fine.

What was I writing about this time last year?

It looks like I was working. :P The Orlando Japan Festival was on the 6th, and the lead-up to that was intense! Pricing, signage, getting a ride... I've decided that my car just doesn't like Fall months. It always seems to be broken down this time of year. And then in Spring, I'll have the money to fix it... until the next Fall. Heh.

Before the show, I was also talking about cultural appropriation and racism in Halloween costumes, and about various yokai and obake, the same way I did this year.

It seems I didn't get much writing done at all last year! A habit I hope I've corrected in this past year, and one that I hope to continue in this coming year. I want to find something interesting to write about every two or three days. I already have most of the next year's posts planned, something I've done with the help of my awesome agenda. Of course, there are probably an endless line of things I'll want to write about spur of the moment in the coming year, but that's why I have to learn to be more open to change, right? ^_^

Of course, it helps to know what you'd like to hear about. I have a poll on the side of my page open for the next 20-something days so that you can tell me! I'm not in Japan, so I can't easily provide an 'everyday life' experience, but I'd like to talk about 'daily' stuff like recipes and books and Japanese movies more. I'm going to try to do more book reviews on culture books, and also on manga and fiction by Japanese or Japanese-descent writers. I love reading, but then I forget to leave reviews! Ack! But this time, it's my goal for next year. Especially if I can buy a scanner!

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