Bebe Taian: For Sale: Men's Yukata, Zori, Women's Jewellery

November 21, 2012

For Sale: Men's Yukata, Zori, Women's Jewellery

This has been a tough week. I've been working more than ever, but making less than ever, while expenses are piling up! Ack! I think in order to make some Christmas money, it's time to sell off some of my private collection, and the things I bought for Night in Tokyo. I also have some jewellery from NigatsuBebe that is looking for a new home! I've discounted some of it, so it's cheaper than ever to get quality handmade jewellery that you won't see on anyone else. <3

Men's tatami zori w/ black velvet straps + rubber textured soles

These casual zori are perfect for any yukata, and were worn only once for the Night in Tokyo show! They were purchased brand-new just for the event. Zori are 30.5CM long and 12CM wide.

Like most Japanese shoes, the straps are rather "flat" meaning that they don't have much 'height' above the sole the way Western flip-flops do. From photos of the shoes being worn, it seems the straps are meant to be held on with the front of the toes, instead of 'put all the way on' the way they are here. If you have high arches, these might not fit well.

Women's pink, blue, + burgundy zori

These were only worn for the Night in Tokyo show, but they've been sitting in storage the rest of the time. I hope someone loves them as much as I do!

Unworn zori in mint condition. 23CM long, 7CM wide (approx. 9" x 3"). These late Showa-era (1926-1989) or early Heisei era (1989-current) zori shoes are a dusty rose colour with blue woven in, and the hanao (straps) are the same dusty rose with a blue, burgundy, and white striped band. The bottoms appear to be cork and some kind of stiff foam.

Men's 2L cotton yukata in indigo, blue, + grey WITH obi

This yukata set is also brand-new, purchased for the Night in Tokyo show. It has only been worn once for the show, and then washed and ironed. Remember that men's kimono have no ohashori, or hip-fold. They are measured for length from the shoulder to above the ankle. Kaku obi is white/black hakata style.

Yukata are machine-washable. I use a cold-water, delicate cycle, and dry them as normal. This preserved the dark colour. I use 'free + clear' soap only, without dyes or scents.

Wrist to wrist: 132CM / 52.8IN
Sleeve length: 49CM / 19.6IN
Body width: 63CM / 25.2IN
Length: 150CM / 60"
Obi: White with black pattern, approx. 20CM / 4IN wide.

Lots and lots of jewellery, loose tumbled stones, and craft supplies!

I've listed about half of the remaining jewellery from NigatsuBebe, all of it hand made, and much of it one of a kind pieces. For example, this Pi bracelet! Made with memory wire, it adjusts to your wrist size, so you don't have to worry about it being too small or too big. It fits even petite adults; my wrist size is only 6", and it fits me as easily as it fits larger sizes. Each one is different, and can be made in custom colours for you.

Beads, yarns, and other craft supplies are being destashed as I don't make jewellery very frequently anymore. The proceeds from those go towards Project Unmei, my fund to help my sister pay for medical care and daily necessities like vitamins, medicines, and groceries. She's in the hospital right now, but when she's back out, she will likely be on different medications to pay for, and will need post-hospital recovery.

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