Bebe Taian: J-Club Fest: A Night in Tokyo 3

November 10, 2012

J-Club Fest: A Night in Tokyo 3

I was totally going to post about this on Monday, but the city is brilliant and chopped the underground FIOS cables while doing roadwork of some kind. I was out of internet for daaaaays! At first, I thought maybe I didn't pay the bill correctly, since I have issues with my account online, but then a neighbour with the same service said she couldn't get on and asked us if we could fix her connection. Ahhhh. Not just us. I see. No server connections past the building. Roadwork outside. And a team of very pissed reps who then had to spend a week digging and drilling to replace cables running between three stoplights. I guess that's *technically* job creation, right? Heh. So, no posts for last week. I guess I'll cover the 'missing' ones next year...

But Sunday was so, so busy! I packed up everything on Saturday and carried it downstairs, including the cart I had to buy to haul all this stuff around. I got on the bus by 10AM Sunday morning so that I could make it to the meeting by noon. After getting off the first bus with all that stuff, about seven complete outfits worth plus extra things just in case, I walked the rest of the way to the university, a little over a mile. I found the room pretty easily, having been to the Student Centre so many times lately, so that was awesome. And they have elevators, so no stair-climbing with that cart for me!

SP, VP, SY, KH, + KW
I even got my own set of tables to unpack and organise at. <3 The makeup and hair team piled in soon and set up, and someone else from the J-Club team brought in pizza. I also scored a doughnut, which was great because I hadn't eaten yet that day. SY offered to help me set up. I couldn't wait to see her in the Taisho-era kimono I'd set aside for her. Now I wonder if I should have put her in the hot pink one, but I think teal worked for her really well. I ended up dressing five of the six models that day, with some level of success. I improvised some items such as obi makura, since I only had two; t-shirts rolled tightly in obi-age worked fairly well for some musubi. I still haven't mastered how to get the tateya obi to stay diagonal instead of horizontal; I need to work on that!

Because one model didn't show until almost rehearsal time, I wasn't able to dress her. I was a little sad about that, since the kimono I'd picked out looked amazing on her... but it also meant that I was pressed to find a last-minute model for my already small set. Originally, I had something like 10 kimono models, but it shrunk to 6. Compared to other segments of the fashion show, I had very few people to work with. So, I ended up dressing myself in her outfit. I acheived a fukura suzume knot on myself, although traditionally, they are only worn with ofurisode. The kimono is a very busy-looking three season komon with fine gold detailing. It was very new and is one of my favourite kimono. At first, I wasn't sure how much I'd like it when I bought it, but now I love it! I have so much that I can wear with that kimono because of the variety of colours and seasons.

I rushed into makeup and skipped hair when someone else had a black, purple, and orange wig. I really didn't want my real hair teased, or to have to breathe in more hairspray, so I went for it. It looks so strange for me to have an anime-style bob! O.o The makeup was totally not my idea. I think the team went with some kind of china doll/kabuki theatre deal. It was such heavy application, but I guess you get used to that for stage work! We did a few rehearsal runs before the show to get the stage lineup down. I've never done runway stuff before, and I've never paid attention to poses or anything fashion models do. I was a little nervous. x.x I'm not made for the spotlight! But some of the other people seemed to know what they were doing, so that was encouraging, at least.

I ended up missing the actual show. It started at 8; we did our fashion run at 8:30-ish. Around 550 people showed up this year! Right after the fashion run, I had people get out of their kimono when they could so that I could start folding and packing them. It took over an hour to get all the outfits and accessories sorted and accounted for, and to repack the cart. At the last half hour, I had the time to make rounds in the crowd (still in kimono) and see if I knew anyone. L was there! I'd forgotten that she said she would be. I was also introduced to the Sarasota Kimono Club, a group of Florida folks who go to events to educate about kimono. They have some gorgeous displays. I'm a little envious! Someone in the group must be a carpenter. I lent one member my obi musubi book until the close of the show. It's out of print, I think, and a little expensive to acquire, but it's such a useful book that if you can get a copy, you should. I took their flyer home with me.

There was ice cream at the very end as we chatted and finished packing everything and saying goodbye. A left early, since she's got kids at home, and it was already a late night. L was generous and drove me home so that I didn't have to call a taxi! <3 <3 <3 I owe her big time. I didn't even carry the kimono upstairs that night. I put them in my (nonfunctioning) car and went to bed! All in all, I'm pretty pleased with how the night turned out. Getting to look through the hundreds of photos, it's amazing how much work gets put into a production only a few hours long! It makes me wonder how on earth nightly productions like The Daily Show ever get pulled off so well.

If you want more photos, many of them are linked at the J-Club page! Remember to scroll to the week of Nov. 2nd, since they were obviously posted in the days just after the show.

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  1. Congratulations for the event.
    Superb! I love all of the ensemble. The stripe kimono came first and the ichimatsu pattern came second close to be my favourite ^w^.