Bebe Taian: Kinyoubi Kimono 11

November 2, 2012

Kinyoubi Kimono 11

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11. My kimono collection.

I have a fairly vast collection, and it's changed a lot over the past ten years. I still have the first two kimono I ever bought, although they are in need of repair. I do not have the ume kakeshita, my first obi (a brilliantly embroided purple and gold Nagoya), some haori, or a few other things. There are also many items I bought purely to resell, most of which I couldn't wear.

Currently, I have two sets of plastic drawers, three drawers high, both completely filled. I also have another large storage bucket and two bureau drawers packed with kimono items. My goal is to have one piece of furniture that everything fits in, or a closet arrangement built to store everything properly. But, that will have to wait until we have more than one closet between my husband and myself!

I have piles of obijime, even after selling about 15 of them earlier this year... My obiage are actually very few, relatively. I have maybe 10 of them, at most. Haneri are severely lacking. I have five or six juban, but I need to get some that fit the kimono I have. As for kosode, I probably have forty or so. Six or seven haori, one michiyuki, and a few pairs of shoes. I had more, but they've broken from old age or years of use. I ALWAYS need more tabi socks! I swear, I go through socks far too often. I have no idea how it happens!

Occasionally, I'll run a series called "Private Collection", which showcases outfits that I own (often without juban, since the layers can be heavy to hang). I hope to catalog more of what I own before I sell some of it off this month!

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