Bebe Taian: 小雪: Little Snow

November 22, 2012

小雪: Little Snow

I know it's late tonight, but here in America, it's Thanksgiving Day. Regardless of my personal feelings regarding this holiday's history, I was happy to spend it with friends and family. <3 But even so, it's time to get back to regular posting (when I can...)!

Shousetsu (小雪) means "little snow". November 7th marked the beginning of Winter, but now it's starting to get cold enough for a little of the wonderful white powdery snow I look forward to every year. Japan is beautiful in winter! It's a world of blues and greys.

In these days, "rainbows are concealed from view". The idea comes from the Chinese, where rainbows were thought to be yin and yang energy mixing, but winter is too yin for rainbows to appear. Although, it seems to me that the world of maiko and geiko is bright and beautiful no matter what the season!

Mamehana, 11-18-2010 - Onihide

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