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November 13, 2012

Makeup I Love: Short Reviews

Today, a look at some of the things I wear most frequently. I do wear makeup every day, although not usually a full face. In Florida, it's important to wear sunscreen (still finding one that doesn't make my face break out) all the time. Because of my difficulties with skin/makeup products, I compromise by using SPF makeup as often as possible. Because I have oily facial skin, mineral makeup works very well to control shine, while still having an SPF. If I need redness coverage, I use a liquid foundation with an SPF, but it's worn as a rarity. The every day products are always lip products though- my lips crack constantly. x.x When I feel like it, eye shadow is my go-to medium for bringing colour into my day. And believe me, I've tried LOTS of it over the years. Once I find something I like, I stock up!

Main issues:
- crappy skin. x.x Hello oil! And chronically dry lips! At the same time!
- allergies! yaaaay! Most products cause itchiness, redness, and breakouts. Mascara is especially prone to cause swelling, tearing, and itching. A product which is firmly out.
- Weird colouring. My natural blonde hair is slightly browner than my skin tone when I tan, which is easily. I have a yellowy skin tone, but my face has a constant red cast, like a permanent sunburn.
- I don't want to spend a fortune on makeup. It's just going to wash off at the end of the day.

So, what do I wear? 

Fave lipstick right now:

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Rouge, $6.

I love reds. I must have five or six red lipsticks. The con: It isn't very long-lasting. In fact, it comes off fairly easily. To combat this, I first put on a complimentary Nyx lipliner in Hot Red, Deep Red, or Cabaret, depending on how dark I want the colour. This will help the lipstick stay in place. The pros: SPF 18, and I really love the true red that you see in the tubes, and it actually stays that colour on me. Most 'reds' turn hot pink! And it is moisturizing. Plus, at $6, if you're not sure about red on you, it's cheap enough to discard or give to a friend who wants it. I just don't eat or drink when it's on, or else I'll be reapplying soon enough. Red like this can't be worn every day, but on my days off, red is the colour I go to!

Huge ProFusion palette
Fave eyeshadow: a toss-up!

ProFusion makes an eyeshadow palette that I can pick up for $1+taxes at the Dollar Tree, which is how I ended up trying their brand. For $1, it's cheap to try out shades that you're not sure will work on you. I am not normally a fan of pink eyeshadow. It just mimics and emphasizes the red in my face, and frankly, I don't need to look like I have pinkeye on top of everything else. But I found that after 'blanking' my skin with foundation, eliminating the red, pink is a somewhat wearable colour for me! Without primer, ProFusion lasted several hours on my eyes.

I have a few of their palettes now, Perfect Ten F-049 being the favourite. Perfect Ten palettes have ten shades, a dual-ended sponge applicator, and the space for the applicator is also a tiny mirror. Every shade I've found so far is glittery, though, and some come off a different colour than what you see in the palette. For example, a peach may turn pink because it's truly a duochrome, not a 'true' colour. F-049 has three browns, a purple, pink, orange, yellow, and three silver/tan neutrals. I didn't like the brush it came with. The molded foam has a sharp edge to it on the sides, as most foam brushes do, so I avoid them. I have an elf eyeshadow brush that I love so much more, and I got it (again) at the Dollar Tree. What a fantastic find! It's super soft and picks up powders wonderfully. They're only $1 at the elf website, too!

The cons: some mildly irritating ingredients; talc, mineral oil, and petrolatum are all in there. With cheaper cost comes lower quality ingredients. Thus, if you find a colour you really enjoy, try finding a better-quality dupe to wear and save the cheap stuff for fashion shows and friends who like to permanently borrow your makeup stash. :P I'll likely use them when going to job interviews, days when I don't wear makeup for more than a few hours before it comes off. I'll save wearing better stuff for photo ops, nights out, and other times when long-lasting, high-quality makeup is important.

Shiro Cosmetics is another brand I talk about a lot. I found Shiro around when she first opened on Etsy, before she got a website of her own and a huge following. Back then, it was only two collections: Legends (Zelda-inspired), and Super Effective (Pokemon-inspired). Now, it's several eyeshadow collections, a lip product line, blush, perfume, and geek accessories under her label. It's a makeup line that so far hasn't messed with me, which makes it a winner in my book. Colours retire constantly; the Colour of the Month line is created by followers, and only lasts one month before the next one is retired. Some are only seasonal, too, like the Halloween collection this year, based on The Nightmare Before Christmas. My favourite colour is being discontinued, but I purchased some today. I hope it lasts!

Deku, EiB, Meowth, + 3WM
I have maybe thirty or forty shades from her, plus there are others I've bought for friends, who are now hooked on her line as well. She discloses all ingredients, as well as whether or not they are lip-safe. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Not all brands are! Many brands still test on animals. China requires animal testing, in fact, so brands selling their products there do animal testing- although many lie and say they don't, when what they really mean is that they don't animal test *in the United States*. I love my cats. There is no reason to conduct animal testing for makeup. Shiro also employs a few people now, so not only are we supporting an indie business which is compliant with FDA regulations, but we are supporting her workers and getting a great product for it!

Coverage and wearability of the product depends on the product. Spiritomb barely showed up on my skin tone, but others are very heavily pigmented. Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy makes the glitter in her products stick for hours, but some wear off within two or three hours without it, while others stay on allll day long. It's very rare that I am disappointed with a product from Shiro or Fyrinnae. In fact, both have had excellent customer service records in that rare event where something wasn't just right. I will always buy from either of them over anyone else, whenever possible.


There's two, a liquid and a powder. The powder came from the fraud "handmade artist" Orglamix, but was not actually manufactured by her. A true benefit, since there was evidence that some of her products were not sanitary! Instead, the makeup was likely produced by Private Label Cosmetics, an off-label merchandiser. The downside is that you have to buy their products in bulk. The upshot is that a company that large can actually afford the testing required before a company can claim SPF protection in their products. I can dust it on with an EcoTools brush, and it lasts a little while before I wipe it off and reapply. Such is the nature of oily skin, and it does a decent job of controlling the shine. PLC powders are SPF 15, and unlike brands such as Bare Minerals, it contains no corn starch, talc, or bismuth oxychloride, a major irritant.

The liquid foundation is a lifesaver. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind foundation is awesome. SPF 18, full coverage, lightweight, and doesn't make my skin feel heavy. Plus, it has shades that are NOT pink-toned, with yellow and neutral tones available (something difficult to find in paler makeup).

What was my test? After a doctor poisoned me with an antibiotic she knew I was allergic to, I broke out into hives. At first, I thought it was a new lotion I'd tried because it was just on my legs. Then it spread everywhere else, and I thought to check the drug chemistry. Fortunately, I was on another antihistamine, or I might have had breathing problems. It was a freaking sulfate drug! Aaaugh! Thing is, I'm a waitress by day, and I can't work if I look like that! My bosses WILL (rightfully) send me home! I literally cannot afford a single day off of work, and I have no health insurance. Maybelline to the rescue. Completely covered the splotchy skin everywhere, all day, except for my hands since I wash them every 10-15 minutes at work. They're serious about full coverage!

I ended up getting two bottles of this. One is for months when I don't get out much; I get pale fairly quickly, and it's hard to find a foundation that matches my skintone then. The other is about two shades darker for months like these when I walk everywhere, and I get very yellow-tan. I don't need much for one application, so I know that one bottle will last a long time. It sets quickly, although sometimes I'll layer it with a fine finishing powder anyways. I've tried bottle after bottle of foundation in an attempt to get rid of the red in my face, and this one is my Holy Grail product.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

I may do a skincare product set soon. I'm going to be trying some new lotions starting next week!


  1. Have you tried any of the Simple products yet? It's a skincare that was only available in the UK (and which I was seriously was going to miss), but this year they expanded to US! I think it's sold in Target and Walgreens, but maybe in other places too.

    1. I haven't tried them yet! I'm working on getting through the numerous products already filling up my cabinet, since DH and I apparently both have a thing for soaps and whatnot. I'll add Simple to the list of replacement products to try! Thanks! <3